Thank you for visiting our Cattle Dog Clubhouse blog!

We are very excited on how Cattle Dog Clubhouse has grown in less than a year. We have various social media platforms, chat groups and now a website! There’s plans for an international meet up too.  Not so long ago all this was just a creative vision.

Also not so long ago, myself, Tracey, Teddy’s owner, was a committed Instagram user who had plenty of hours to be online. Back in those days, I was a regular participant of “pet follow trains” which I invited Barqs to join. In a short time Barqs thought up the idea of a “Cattle Dog only train” and the rest was history. We found that a group of ACD owners was a special thing. Engagement and chat groups were formed and lifetime friendships were established. One thing led to another and here we are now. All I needed was an idea to work on and that’s what Barqs brought. Big ideas!

In 10 months I found my self preparing for the arrival of my first human and this became my new job. Just in case anyone is wondering ‘Were did Teddy go?’ I’ve been taking a back seat lately and Barqs has been driving. A month has now passed since the arrival of my son and Teddy has discovered how demanding a baby can be. Finding time for both of my boys, human and fur, is now my daily challenge. Barqs owner Michael has dedicated lots and lots of hours to Cattle Dog Clubhouse to make all these dreams a reality.

Backed by a really solid admin team working in 3 different countries, this group of cattle dog owners is making all this possible. I have this team to thank for keeping the dreams alive while I’ve been distracted.  In this time our webpage was launched! The website has a newsletter subscription that I urge you to join (you can sign up on the bottom of any page of CDC recently joined Telegram with a chat group that hopefully can link our followers on both Facebook and Instagram as we continue to join together Cattle Dog owners worldwide.  CDC also continues to showcase some of the most popular ACD Instagram accounts for you to follow as well. We are quickly approaching Easter, which is a great event for another ‘Photo contest’. Our Christmas and Valentine’s contests showcased some really amazing photos, because we have such dedicated and talented dog owner members. Be sure to start taking photos and enter your fur friend!

I hope that you follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook group, and that we can connect you with other Cattle Dog lovers from around the world.

After all, that’s what we are all about – ‘Connecting Cattle Dog Owners’

Teddy Bix Garnet
Co-founder Cattle Dog Clubhouse