In just over seven months we have developed a community of cattle dogs and their owners than spans the entire world. This started as my crazy idea to my Instagram friend from Sydney, Australia,  Teddy Bix Garnet, when I asked him “how can we meet more cattle dogs?”  Just like that, two cattle dogs from opposite sides of the world set off set to begin building a cattle dog community that we would call the Cattle Dog Clubhouse. What we didn’t expect was the growth and the bond that we would form with friends from around the globe. Thank you to Teddy for believing in my crazy ideas (like cattle dog only follow trains on Instagram) & helping them come true. I love you my friend!

With the launch of this website we hope to bring our followers from both Instagram & Facebook together in our new Telegram (download the app for FREE for iOS, Android or the web) hosted Cattle Dog Clubhouse Chat where humans and dogs can chat, share links & make friends. With our new FORUM we hope individuals can share their knowledge with the entire group with training tips, health topics, random advice and maybe helping you finding cattle dogs that live nearby that you didn’t know were your neighbors. We also are starting an EMAIL LIST to distribute a new monthly newsletter, CATTLE DOG CHRONICLES with features, news and upcoming promotions & contests.

I want to mention the rest of our administrative team that’s really helped move us forward.  You seen them featured around the website and they are:
Raven & Starfire, North Carolina, USA
Mango & Mutton, Calgary, AB, Canada
Bix & Pinny, St. Louis, MO, USA
Riggins, also from St. Louis, MO, USA
& our friend Bolt, Houston, TX, USA who is taking a little timeout while her momma has a little human!
Thank you all so much for joining Teddy & I on this journey!

I’m sure the website and our group will evolve over time.  I hope our entire group will feel the sense of community that so many of us have already found in the Cattle Dog Clubhouse. Please join our Telegram chat, post in the forum, join us on both Instagram & Facebook. Make new friends, maybe it’s the cattle dog in the city next to yours or someone on the other side of the world. Most of all, get involved and just have FUN because we know we are the best breed of dogs out there!

All my best,
Barqs The Cattle Dog