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Ventura, California, USA


Baby Charlie

Charlie has been adorable since he was a tiny puppy!

Good Morning

Waiting patiently waiting for mom to take us out to play,

Fall Flannel

Autumn is our favorite season.

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Bix delivering the daily headlines.

Australian Cuddle Dog

Pinny Snuggling with Mr. Bear.

Post-Walk Smiles

Nothing makes us happier than taking long walks with mom.

Meet Heeler Charlie!

Meet Charlie – a true charmer! Charlie is a red heeler who turned 1 on April 10th . Some friends of Charlie’s pawrents had originally brought Charlie home to join their family, but their other cattle dog was not too enthused about having a new little brother… so, although Charlie is a purebred red heeler, he was “adopted” in June of 2018 and the rest is history!

Charlie was born and raised in California, and currently lives in Ventura, California where he spends his days playing on the beaches of the Pacific coast. Ventura is located along U.S. Route 101 – a.k.a. the 101 Ventura Freeway – between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. The past year was not kind to Ventura between the Saint Thomas Fires, Santa Barbara Mudslides and the Thousand Oaks Borderline tragedy, but Charlie’s family has felt comforted and heartened by the community’s efforts to come to together as friends and neighbors to support those whose homes were damaged or lost. Check out some photos of Ventura taken by Charlie’s mama!




When he’s not flirting with ladies at the beach or snacking on bully sticks and Cattle Dog Cookie Company pizza bites, you can find Charlie hamming it up for the camera – he’s a photogenic guy who will strike a pose any time the camera comes out! Charlie also loves squeaky toys, balls and tug toys, and always makes sure his humans know when he’s ready to play!

Charlie will woo you with his dashing good looks and his smooth moves (one of his best tricks is to back up when his humans say “beep beep beep”), but behind all of that charm Charlie is a sensitive, smart and intuitive guy. He reads the room, and is very perceptive to the moods and feelings of the humans and animals around him. Charlie doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. He’s a cuddler, a comedian, and per his mom, a “big fur ball of love.” If you’re not already following Charlie’s adventures on Instagram, go check him out!

-Story by Riggins

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