Our Past Featured Members

Bix & Pinny
Meet Bix & Pinny

Our First Featured Members:
Bix & Pinny
St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Award Winning Photo

This great photo won Pix & Pinny the 1st Annual Cattle Dog Clubhouse Christmas Photo Contest!

Good Morning

Waiting patiently waiting for mom to take us out to play,

Fall Flannel

Autumn is our favorite season.

Read All About It

Bix delivering the daily headlines.

Australian Cuddle Dog

Pinny Snuggling with Mr. Bear.

Post-Walk Smiles

Nothing makes us happier than taking long walks with mom.

Meet Bix & Pinny

Everyone say hello to Bix the Blue and Pinny the Red!

Bix is our Clubhouse agility star! She also knows quite a few tricks; her most famous one being hugging her brother. She’s a dainty lady, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in sass!

Pinny was found abandoned on a farm. He was rescued by his amazing family and nursed back to health. It’s amazing how far a little love and hope can go! He is  now living the dream with unlimited snuggles, which might be his favorite thing!





Together they are a perfect pair: small, opposite colors and even opposite eye patches! They are the best of friends and a meant to be match.

Story by Mango & Mutton

Bix & Pinny were featured on our friends at the Doggie Club Podcast and you can check out that episode online here: Bix & Pinny on the Doggie Club Podcast

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